Saturday, January 22, 2011

Hellenic Reconstructionist Altar Cloth - Part 1

Joy of o joys....two things concerning one's muse....

"Spend time every day listening to what your muse is trying to tell you."
Barb Miller

"The most potent muse of all is our own inner child."
Adrian Pilz

"are held in honor and respect by all mankind; for the Muse herself has taught them."

I have gone through times in which I have felt that my Muse has abandoned me, a tragedy to any artist. However, I reflect upon these times as meaning I was not listening (to my muse) and having been ignored (she) left me for another diversion until I was at once ready to listen again.

Tonight I feel as though she has come back, with a rather large branch from the "tree of ideas" and smacked me quite dead in the face. I have been buzzing with creativity at the propensity of creating a sacred gift for a close friend, a sister even, of mine for religious purposes (one of our specialties in the store).

Thus far a beautifully soft and vibrant shade of cotton has been chosen from Blue Sky Alpacas (Tomato). Later in my revelings did I decide that this piece would need a nice Greek styled border and I came up with the "Greek Key" as a wonderful match which means "infinity" & "unity" - both great words to associate with divinity and the sacred. This design will be done in a contrasting color - what precisely has yet to be decided.

Upon choosing the Greek Key, I made my own version of this design (later I have found others but like the simplicity of this one for this first piece)...

...having another moment of genius I opted to "test" my border theory out in a simple band of Tunisian Crochet (what oft looks good on paper doesn't always come out on paper...or as I so poignantly put it to my friend "The unfortunate thing about art is that it doesn't come into physical form quite like you envision it.") Wherein after much frustration and strain I finally worked out something nice...

...I would like to also put a wonderful honorable mention into Gege here for her wonderful videos and inspiration (as well as encouragement through her own fantastic piece of work), they had a very helpful tip for the colorwork I'm doing and although I figured it out on my own after my own struggles for the sake of others endeavoring this I suggest you watch them first.

The last point decided was the size - which will be of a derivative of 7 due to the spiritual nature of the number + the extra rows for the border (although I will likely extend it so that they still make it's dimensions divisible by 7). I am eager to really start on this project as all that has been accomplished is the theory and some testing of it, but no real application. Stay tuned!

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