Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Revisiting the Gabus!

I found the pattern for these little guys and immediately fell in love with them. I often describe them as little hacky sacks with eyes and antennae (though I have made one without antennae). I plan to make more in the near future and the ones in the store will be re priced properly. (Our original pricing strategy did not take actual yarn quantities, but estimated them.)

The yellow one was made for a friend, "Sunny" Gabu, so this is the only picture of him I have.

This is another picture of "Big Mama" pictured with the "Sunny" Gabu above. In real life this one is actually a hot pink but inside lighting and flash caused it to appear orange.

This last one was actually in progress, but he looked so cute hiding in this hat that I had to take a picture. To date, I do believe he and his brothers are still not finished yet (there are four).

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