Friday, February 12, 2010

Finally! I've got it! - Granny Triangle Shawl Pattern

By joe even, or rather, by another wonderful blogger and some idle searching through the internet I have identified a stitch pattern from an old shawl my grandmother made. At first I couldn't quite place it due to a unique part of the pattern on the edges that accounted for some of it's structure, but as I read through someone's rendition of the stitch pattern it came to me that that was exactly what I'd been looking for! Gotta love those "ah-ha" moments!

So it was started tonight and really hasn't made it too far, but I wanted to share with everyone. It's another one of the "scrap" projects and is being made with the left overs from out "Raspberry Burnt Toast Cowl". Other colors may be added, or not as it goes along, but it's a wonderful simple and nice shawl for an evening out or even at home!


Latest Progress: Now up to 17 rows, have finished off the black and added some scrap red, piece measures 13 1/4" x 26" at longest points.

***************************************************************************Latest progress 21 May 2010

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  1. Inspired by a piece made by my own grandmother.

    We’re happy to say that we’ve added another row to our shawl, we’ve now reached 20 rows with the colors: black, red, green, and purple. While all of these colors are scrap they are making a bit of an interesting pattern.