Monday, January 25, 2010

Small Snowflake

So far this project really hasn't been too much work. It's one I started years ago and let slide onto the backburner indefinitely. So now that all the pieces had been cut before, all I have to do is grind them. (Mind you that's the part I like the least because it can be the most time consuming depending on how much excess glass you have to contend with.)

Part of what makes a great project great is your glass choice. Even the neatest pattern will not look that good if the glass choice is so so. In this case I used 3 different types of textured glass. One that is iridescent and resembles choppy waves, another that is completely clear but appears to have cracks or dents in it, and finally a highly textured clear glass that make it seem as those large rivulets were carved out of it. And if I do say so myself, I have a fairly good eye for color and texture ;)!

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