Friday, December 9, 2011

Peruvian Thread Art...

So I'm a part of CafeMom and a member of a groups for crafty mama's there (but of course, why wouldn't I be?!)  Recently in this group I made a new friend, a real one even - not the type you friend and seldom talk to but one that I have rather frequent and indepth conversations with :D I <3 U Melli!

She's a lovely artist who makes thread art pendants and such (You can view her wares at her online store Melli's Trinkets on StorEnvy) and at one point we were talking about thread art.  Now I have seen it before and always admired it, but it looked so complicated I couldn't fathom trying it myself.  Finally after pouring over some Googled pictures of phenomenal art (the color choice really can make it *POP*) I look through her Pinterest (to which she had earlier alluded contained a tutorial) and gave it a shot at trying to understand it.  I was most pleasantly surprised to see that it was not as hard as I thought, yet very time consuming (though with a gorgeous end product it's well worth it...)

Of course, ever looking for more fun crafts to do, especially ones that involve fiber I am adding it to my list.  With some modifications.  As I greatly esteem my friend I would not want to "horn in on her business, especially as a novice".  However I feel our talents and imagination differ enough that such will not be the case. As I am largely a yarn artist I intend on making my own string art mega huge...I am as my tattoo artist once called me "a size queen".  (And while I laughed at him at that moment I realize it's all too true.)

What I hope with my own version of this art is to use bigger gauges and make larger pieces, not that I am averse to smaller ones.  I also want to use fibers and shapes that are not typically used.  I will be shortly writing a tutorial for "giant thread art goodness" which I'll share here.

~ Happy Wrapping! ~

Aradia Goseling
Faith Works

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