Monday, August 6, 2012

August Update!

So it's been a month of pre-planning and new schedule implementation.  It's been okay, but it's been a definite and interesting change!  We still have a great many things in progress as things get re-formatted to be newer and better!

What you may have missed:

  • Our Artfire & StorEnvy are both up to date (with the very few exceptions of new things just coming out!)
  • This development has been a bit up and coming for awhile, evolving as we develop it... new watermarking procedures.  You can note some of these in our latest listings.  We do love our pretty fonts!
  • Faith Works' Official Site now has all of it's buttons included!
  • There has been a lot of wonderful work with Laura Roeder (referred to on Marie Forleo's blog) so even more updates in our systems have occurred, all towards reaching You better!

What you can look forward to this month:

  • New & Improved Sales Schedule!  We're re-vamping our Sabbat Sales to start and end with time for shipping for your order to arrive to you the day of (or before) the Sabbat!  This will take some careful planning...
  • Some new products of course
  • A newsletter! (Available via email)
And for our special blog followers our Lammastide/Lughnasadh coupon!  (Released a little late I know!)  Use "L4MM4S" at checkout at Artfire, StorEnvy, or Our Official Site* for 30% off anything in the store - Limit one use per buyer!

*Coupon will be applied to the most expensive item after order is complete and refund will be sent with the Paypal email you have used.

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