Monday, May 21, 2012

The Trick to Authenticity...

Okay, so I've been writing a lot of inspired bits of business advice lately and this one just came and flew into my head like a fly through an open window...the trick to authenticity...

Now as I've said before, I'm no business coach.  I am a real person sharing my real pitfalls and problem-solving based on tons of reading and research to make my business better.  I'm honest and approachable, and since this isn't what I do I'm not booked for weeks and days about it :)

The trick to authenticity is *drumroll* there is no trick.  Alright so yea, you could stop reading right now.  Scoffing to yourself that I just started to sell you some snake oil.  But really wait a tic and hang out with me for a few sentences more.  The reason I say that there is no trick is because you were born to be you.  There is no one in this world who can be you better than you (this is part of a quote and the author I cannot recall, so if you have heard it before please leave me a note in the comment so I can give credit!)  That being said many people don't know the sound of their own voice because in this day and age many of us are emulators.  We seek to be and achieve for other people and the wrong reasons and thereby lose our personal voice early on to a point where many, especially women, get to a point where they couldn't answer what they wanted.

This indecisiveness isn't a lackadaisical attitude, it is a problem though.  A problem that stems from not taking the time to sit and be with the self.  Of always & only putting others first, to the point where you aren't even your list of priorities.  And of when that voice is but a squeak and it tries to pipe up, you silence it with a wave of your hand, "pooh, poohing it" because you have something else more important or pressing.

The reality is that nothing is more important than you.  This doesn't mean shuck your responsibilities or neglect your loved ones.  It means that you need to treat yourself with as much love, devotion, and respect as you do any and everything else.  It means letting go of the fear that you'll be chastised as being "selfish" and just going with that voice, offering it a glass of water, handing it a megaphone and encouraging it to speak up.

My voice giggles and spouts of randomness in the form of funny creative imagery - what does your voice say?

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