Sunday, January 1, 2012

January Updates

Starting off 2012 right!  So far everything today has been on time work-wise, good start!

December was very hectic here with three custom orders and two pre-fabricated ones.  Some hiccups in the design process caused a few kinks, but everything was finished on time (we thank long work hours for that!)  I made the executive decision to put off crafting gifts I'd been planning to finish orders so a good part of January is going to be dedicated to finishing just those things.  After the initial gift run through is caught up - including a huge baby shower gift and one final cross stitch sign (we had more but they require photo manipulation first) we're going to re-evaluate our queue's order and rearrange some choices in what will be worked on come February.

Some craft/business resolutions for 2012...

  • Finally catch up on our data entry for receipts etc, basically have our books in order and revamp older versions of spreadsheets to something more streamline with the aid of our billing agent.
  • Defeat the queue monster...or at least tame it.
  • Lots of sales (of course!)
  • Make a few things for me.
  • Start gifts earlier this year!
Until February!

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