Saturday, December 1, 2012

December Update!

November came and went with a lot going on.  I entered myself into 3 gift guides & an a-list (Chakra Gift Guide by Phylameana Desy; The Streeter A-List for Accessories & Apparel and Bath & Beauty, and Life with Lovebugs Holiday Gift Guide under Knit/Crochet).  I also kept up on blogging and scheduling and took several custom orders.  And now here it is December already?!  I can't believe the Solstice is just around the corner!

Some other things that went on was the launch of my newsletter - if you're not on it, you can subscribe right here on the page!  I send extra special & early updates there.  I also only give out some special sales via my newsletter that you won't see anywhere else.  So if you love my work, like I know you do if you're reading, stop stalling and sign up already!

While I've been very busy I can say I have a lot to show for it - I had several custom orders placed and filled  before the end of November including two sets of striped armwarmers I named Donatello's Revenge, four sets of house slippers:  A Hint of Blush, If You Were Coming in the Fall, Gray Misty Morn, The Ants Go Marching, and Jack o Lantern's Light.

With December I look forward to more orders as the holidays loom ever closer and the promise of fun new projects I've gotten my little mitts into - like tatting.  I also hope to be able to take a small break from the store, because I'll have caught up on work and do a little work for my photography & design as well as my healing center.

And let me give you a tiny hint at something to look forward for those ordering this month...(be on the lookout for a blog post about it too!)  I'm putting the finishing touches on my branded packaging so you'll get to see my hard work all too soon.  If you want a quicker, personal look head on over to the store and place your order now!

And here's a special treat to those who took the time to read all the way through to the bottom!  I'll be running a Yuletide sale for one week 12/10 to 12/17 resulting in 30% the entire store!  Just use code "YUL3" at checkout in my store!  **An important note:  due to delays surrounding the holidays I cannot guarantee anything ordered during this sale will make it to you before or by 12/25!  I do apologize for the inconvenience!*

To you I hope you bundle up, light the fire, and enjoy the indoors with those you love and develop even more wonderful memories!  Stay safe, keep warm, and feel free to drop by to say hello!