Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Bouquet for a Baby Hat

Being pregnant and having an idle mind had finally gotten to me enough that I opted to make something for baby. Having no idea of the gender, though seriously hoping for a girl, I opted to make something mostly "unisex" (although in retrospect this should never be put on a boy entirely too cutesy) and attempt a baby hat.

Having rifled through Ravelry's innumerable patterns and looking at both knitted and crocheted concoctions I settled on something simple for my pregnant brain that wouldn't tax my fingers or bore my mind with details while eagerly trying to finish my piece of work. And piece of work it turned out to be...

This is my first foray into using a pattern written with UK instruction and it definitely took a little thinking and reminding that when they said DC they meant SC. I am glad the pattern writer mentioned the use of UK abbreviations but I do honestly wish she had written out some of the instructions instead of assuming that someone knew how to increase a certain number evenly each row. I, for one, suck at math and the whole idea of counting stitches to find the number of my rows and rounds, much less stitches, is abhorrent but a necessary evil. However, the "math" involved in trying to figure out how to increase evenly without making horrible obvious gaps because I fudged a few, or several, stitches was not the most pleasurable part of the crocheting experience for me. While I understand that in art, and especially with crochet, math is an integral part of the process I still loathe it.

Perhaps the other horrid thing about this project, is the color choice...completely my fault, but it was for a baby - why not pink, blue, yellow, and white...Looking at the end result you see why it perhaps was not the best of choices and how it turned out much more girly than anticipated.

Lastly, and maybe worstly, (and yet I'm not surprised by this fact) is that it seems too big. While many children have "large" heads for their size - it's very common for a child to have to grow into their head - just looking at this and it seems....hugnormous.

O well, live and learn!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sock this!

Woe to me who has entered the realms of begun, begun, and frogged. Our first sock project has met it's demise and we've tastefully decided that it will remain deceased and on our "To Do" list for sometime. Having never worked with DPed needles and using 2s at that (it is a sock after all) has become trying and just isn't working with our brain. SO in lieu of having an ultimate hissy fit and never trying a sock again we are frogging and putting away our project for another time and place.

For those who are curious we did have some pictures of the "somewhat" progress which show a wonderful color scheme emerging for our "One Day Soon" sock.