Friday, October 16, 2009

How Much is the GaBu in the Window?

I made enough of them to do this and I just couldn't help myself! They're just TOO cute!

You know you want one!

Goal: Make an army of GaBu and take over the world - support our cause! Adopt yours today!

Fire Wand for Ashley

To date I've made 2 wands (the one pictured above and another for myself). And though I'm not much of a "wand witch" every now and again I am struck with inspiration to make one.

This one in particular is a "fire wand" and was made the with purpose to greater harness and connect with that element. The Witch is an earth sign, Capricorn, and I was directed to make this for her and gift it. It features a tumbled carnelian at it's top and copper foil and wire, wrapped around as well as white ribbon and a braided length of embroidery thread.

Interested in a wand, contact the store!

Cerridwen Goddess Box

A piece of artwork I did some time ago and gifted to a fellow Witch. It is a rendition of Cerridwen who is sacred to her.

This is in a series of "Goddess Boxes" that double both as storage and altars. Great for the Witch on the go, and especially those in college who may have minimal space to work with!

If you're interested in having one made, start a conversation with me on Etsy here.