Thursday, May 14, 2009

O.o Look what we have here....

And now something else grand!

Due to the wonderful suggestion of a dear friend of mine you can now view a brief "commercial" about the store and also view some of the things offered from the "All Things Crochet" section. The purpose of these commercials is creative advertising, but also to get the word out to "the masses". Since it seems everyone uses YouTube these days (even I find myself searching for things on it). So why not utilize this wonderful tool?

Happy viewing!

Update for May...

Now, while half the month seems gone you'll have to pardon us for the first week of May - unavoidable business called us away from shop and thusly little to no activity. :(

On a lighter, more cheery note! If you have been following us on Twitter, you already know, but if not we've been adding several things that are recently completely and that have been previously blogged and tweeted about - including the lovely purple, white, and black throw and a darling ruffled shawl.

Another thing to look forward to, specifically for our Patrons, is the Faith Works Newsletter. It will not quite function like a blog, but will be included in any orders placed to give the buyer a "sneak peak" of products that haven't hit our store floor yet.

And the final new note is a surprise, but look forward to seeing a blog up about it soon!